Lead Roof Repair

Lead sheet is known to last over 150 years when installed correctly, and in accordance with guidelines.  If you have any questions about lead work, please get in touch, and we will be happy to discuss your needs and options.


Lead sheet is an example of the utmost sturdy roofing material you can find, plus it has been utilised for so long in the UK. It may be utilised in several ways and if it is installed properly, it may be tremendously enduring as well as deliver excellent performance.  Here at St Leonards Roofing our team are specialists in doing lead work as well as being accredited. Our team is dedicated to delivering a service that’s friendly and welcoming, while additionally providing lead work which meets or exceeds our company’s expert and award-winning values.


We make lead roofs by laying down metal sheets onto wooden substrates.  We conduct a survey of the entire structure of the roof prior to starting any roof job.  Should any type of structural work be required, our crew has all the needed carpentry experience to handle it. Lead sheeting has a code number that represents the sheet’s thickness and weight. Code 7 sheeting, for instance, are big lead sheets which are for an older roof.  This code can be located on listed structures.  This number designates that the lead’s weight is seven pounds a square foot.  Our skilled team has the know-how to assist you in deciding on the right sheeting code that applies to your roof.


Lead sheet may be utilised to cover the whole roof, as well as used to beef up parts of it like gutters or roof joints.  Codes 4 and 5 are lighter weight and are utilised for flashing that goes around those sections. Repairing sections of a failing roof area using lead sheet will improve the roof’s performance, as well as add many years to its natural life.  Our company can also do repairs on any lead work which is decayed or damaged.  Lead work is unbelievably strong and doesn’t get damaged easily, though if it’s installed wrong, it is likely to get ruptured or split.


Insufficient repairs as well as using sheeting that’s too big are merely a couple of the likely things that may cause damage if lead work is fitted poorly.  If just a few negligible splits or tears are obvious, they can be fixed easily.  Any that are more severe or any widespread failures could necessitate renewing the lead work.

Here are the lead work services that we offer:-

  • Flat Roof Coverings
  • Pitched Roof Coverings
  • Linings for Valley and Parapet Gutters
  • Rain water goods, including brackets, hoppers, and downpipes
  • Flashings and Soakers
  • Chimney aprons & chimney backs made to order
  • Roof Coverings for Dormer and Bay windows
  • On-site Lead Welding for Builders
  • Lead flashings for Gulley’s and Valleys

Our Lead Work Service includes:-

  • Flat & Pitched Roof Coverings
  • Valley Linings and Parapet Gutters
  • Rain water brackets, hoppers and down pipes
  • Flashings
  • Soakers
  • Chimney backs custom built
  • Lead Welding